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A Photo EVERYDAY of 2018!

Am I crazy? Don't answer that Diane. My New Years' resolution is to post a new photograph everyday.


I suppose that when you make a commitment such as this you should not do it late in the day (rushing to see the Oklahoma vs Georgia game didn't help).  So, here's my first submission.

January 1, 2018

Day 2 0f my Image a day Project:

Here are two images I created for today's post, I decided to play with some closeup equipment I purchased last summer. It took me a while to break it out but I think it was worth the wait. Looking to experiment more in the future.

Well, I made it to day 3!!!!!!! Here's a photograph I captured today of a young family enjoying a comfortable 74 degree weather! Yeah baby! This is why I don't live in Rhode Island, it's 19 degrees there and preparations are underway for snow . Which means that there is a rush on for bread and milk! It's a New England tradition.


I almost cried, until I saw it was only a Bud!



Here's my image for Day 5, it's only day 5! Man this is going to be a long project (yes, Chuck 365 days worth).

Here's Day 5's image.


I captured today's image at the Casa Grande rodeo of the Arizona High School Rodeo Association. It's been awhile since I've spent a day with these young cowboys'. I can't explain it, but a day watching this love for history and tradition always seem to renew my spirit. And catching images like this sometimes seems as easy as just showing up, it's as easy as opening your eyes and seeing the possibilities.


Diane wanted to go to the bookstore and a little window shopping, it's a gorgeous 75 degree day so I said "Sure". I did take the mandatory (for me) shot in the bookstore, but found a few more interesting subjects outside. I asked the man, "who's in charge" and without hesitation "she is". 


A tight detailed shot today. First day back at school, after winter break. 


Today escaped before I knew it, and I came up with this at home.

Jan 10,2018

We don't get mush rain here but when we do kids will always find it!

Jan 11,2018




My boys Cody and Boomer may appear quite often in this serious, they may be my last resort at the end of a long day.

Jan,13, 2018

I must admit this one fell in my lap, driving around Chandler I came across the Mr. Peanut wagon. Not the greatest shot but sometimes you just have to take advantage of an easy photo. Who doesn't like Mr.Peanut!

Jan,14, 2018

Flowers are always in bloom in Arizona

Jan,15, 2018

Stopped in at AJ's today, I have never seen a nicer or cleaner produce section in my life.


Downtown Chandler, empty on a Thursday night.



A major part of my day is watching how they handle things. It doesn't always make sense, but they do seem to figure it out. I'm amazed watching them fly by the seat of their pants ay times.

Jan 21,2018

Playing around with some nighttime photography.


The turn signal on a Russian motorcycle.


New Shoes!

Jan 24, 2018

Lazy lunch

Jan,25,2018   I swear this is my house! I'm not a peeper! But Diane was a little surprised when she saw a man outside the window.  Boy! my dogs are really smart they knew it was Daddy!



Let me tell you, this was not the smartest New Years resolution to take on! This is really harder than it sounds. What first caught my eye for this image was the stark uniformity of the players, but then when I really stopped and thought about it, are we all just players in one huge fossball game?

Jan,27, 2018

It's Saturday! Yeah Baby, time to relax.

Jan, 28, 2018  

One of my favorite photography genre, street photography. Capturing people in their natural setting, watching all their expressions and the interactions. Capturing a glimpse of life in every frame, capturing a moment that will never happen again. It's the thought that your capturing that decisive moment, that one precise moment when it all comes together. 

Jan 29, 2018

I swear I had another photo ready to go, but after dinner Boomer was just sitting on the floor.  I placed the camera in front of him which usually means he'll run away. He was probably to full from chowing down dinner and I was able to grab this big nose for today. Thanks buddy!

Jan,30, 2018

It's a new future, the youth are running the world. We think we're in charge but are we really?

Jan, 31, 2018

This is a image you might see a lot from me, I really enjoy coffee shops and the atmosphere. Watching people and how they interact with one another.  


Feb, 2, 2018

Feb, 3, 2018

You can never have enough eggs,Costco style. You gotta love BULK!

Feb, 4, 2018

It was a sad day in "mudville" tonight! I HATE when the Patriots lose! It was a good game.

Feb, 5, 2018

Playing around in the driveway with my Shelby's!

Feb, 5, 2018

It has definitely seen better days! This old GMC has seen better days!

Feb, 8, 2018

Handmade ice cream sandwiches! This place could be dangerous!

Feb, 9, 2018

Playing with the Canon 50mm1.4 and the Canon 6D, been thinking full frame is the way to go lately.

Feb, 10, 2018

Had a great time looking at some fabulous cars in Fountain Hills today and still playing with the CANON 6D

Feb, 11, 2018

I had a great day photographing the Salt River Brass during sound check today, it was a so nice to be doing the type of photography I really love too do. I really wish I had explored and found my love for documentary photography earlier in my career.

Feb, 12, 2018

I have this a work I hope!


Feb, 13, 2018

Diane's flowers came in handy today!

Feb, 14, 2018

The end of a typical Valentine's Day in Arizona,they take this day very serious here!

Feb, 15, 2018

A little color in our monotone world.

Feb, 16, 2018

I'm sorry!

Feb, 17, 2018

Walking around the ASU Mesa Campus with the kids at Skills USA.

Feb, 18, 2018

A little people watching at Whole Foods.

Feb, 19, 2018

Home for the next 4 nights, the Morongo Casino in Palms Springs, California. Not a bad casino although too much cigarette smoke.

Feb, 20, 2018

Doesn't matter what casino you're in some sights remain the same.

Feb, 21, 2018

Playing with Canon 5dMark IVrs

Feb, 22, 2018

They told us we were going on an executive photo shoot but it turned out to be a model out in the desert, it was ok but not really my thing.

Feb, 23, 2018

On the road home to AZ ,the wind farms are everywhere in California.

Feb, 24, 2018

Spent the afternoon at the Pima Air Museum for a Canon camera event photographing the old military planes. Definitely a cool place to hang out.

Feb, 25, 2018

Enjoying a Sunday with my sweetie walking along the Scottsdale Waterfront. This is a shot of an amazing art piece that runs the length of the waterfront.

Feb, 26, 2018




Feb, 7, 2018

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Diane and her boy’s!

Jan, 20. 2018

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Diane and I took a nice little road trip to Tubac Az. While there we had a great lunch at Tubac Golf resort and had a “Tin Cup” moment while walking the grounds. While there we also walked around the Tubac Plaza too do a little shopping . This photograph is symbolic of every husband or boyfriend there today.


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How do you make a bus ride even slower? Get behind a city truck painting that long yellow line down the middle of the road at 5 miles an hour!


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